Michel Deneuve


After five years of Percussions classes, he studied Composition with Alain Kremski and Horia Ratiu, and them Orchestra Direction at l’Ecole Roumaine. He composes for solo instruments as well as orchestra and creates music for theater, choreagraphy, poetry and films 1st price of the music to the international festival of the short film of Ales (David Tardé’s movie). For six years, he worked with Bernard Baschet on his sound research. They gave many concerts together under the name of “Structures Sonores Baschet”. He gives musical initiation courses to teachers and pupils for the diffusion of Bernard Baschet’s musical pedagogical work. In 1977, he decided to concentrate only on the “Baschet Cristal”. He developed a special technique for this new instrument, unveilling the unique sound of this exceptionnal instrument. He has composed a solo and orchestra repertory for the “Cristal”. He transcribes both contemporary and classical works. He receives commissions from all over the music world. His work has inspired other composers such as Paul Hertel, Alain Labarsouque, Marcel Landowsky, Ignacio Yepes, Françoise Legrand, Horatiu Radulescu, Alain Kremski, … to create original works for his repertoire. He has played with such soloists as José Van Damme, barotp, Jean Baptiste Brunier, alto, Dominique de Williancourt, violoncelle, Philippe Bernold, Jean Ferrandis, flûte, Mario Hossen, violon, Guy Touvron, Romain Leleu, trompette, or the fine arts quartet, quatuor Debussy… and performed in concert under the direction of Constantin Simonovitch, Cristophe Escher, Françoise Legrand… He write a Complete method of Crystal and An instrumental treaty for the composers.

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