Kristina MILLER


russian-german pianist, was born in 1986 in Moscow into a musical family. Her outstanding talent gave her the first opportunities to perform W.A.Mozart Concerto Nr. 23 with orchestra at the early age of eight. Since the age of twelve, Kristina Miller played concerts in Europe, United States, Australia, South America and was invited every year to appear as a soloist with orchestras, such as Recreation Grosses Orchster Gray, Capella State Symphony Orchestra St.Petersburg, Rostow Philharmonic Orchestra, Uljanowsk Symphony Orchestra and others. She worked with Conductors including Ravil Martinov, Vladislav Chernushenko, Sergey Ferulev, Marcelo Ramos, Helder Trefzger, Dmitry Russu, Andreas Stoehr and others. After graduating at the special music school in 2004 she became a student at the St.Petersburg State Conservatory. At this period Kristina Miller had an opportunity to perform in such Concert Halls as Philarmonic Hall, Capella Hall and the big A.Glasunov Hall of Conservatory in St.Petersburg.

In 2006 she won the “Steinway” Piano Award of Munich Steinway House and entered the Munich Music University to continue her studies with the well-known pianist Gerhard Oppitz. As a chamber Musician, Kristina Miller collaborated with artists including Daniel Müller-Schott, David Aaron Carpenter, Jan Volger, Pierre Amoyal, Danjulo Ishizaka and others. Besides making various recordings for Bavarian Radio, In 2008 was released her first CD for the Naxos Label, which Kristina recorded with Nicolas Koeckert. It got great reviews and was many times sent at the Bavarian Radio and BBC Radio. In 2012 Kristina Miller finished her Studies at the Munich University of Music with Prof.Gerhard Oppitz, where she received her Master of Music degree with Distinction. In 2015 she got her second Master Degree at the Conservatory Wien University with Prof.Dr. Johannes Kropfitsch

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