Nayden Todorov


Nayden Todorov is among the most talented young Bulgarian musicians of his generation. Commanding a vast symphonic and operatic repertoire, he is capable of forming brilliant culminations, at the same time commanding strict control over the dramaturgic development of the music. ‘A musician to the backbone whose harmonic and smooth movements enchant acoustically and visually’ (Solothurner Zeitung, July 2005).

A native of Bulgaria, the multi-talented European conductor has been a revelation in Vienna, Israel, and Bulgaria, where he currently serves as General Manager and Music Director of the Rousse State Opera & Philharmonic. He studied with Karl Osterreicher and Uros Lajovic in Vienna, and has gone on to conduct major orchestras across the European and American continents. In Israel, he was the resident conductor of the Israel Northern Symphony in Haifa, selected from among more than 150 candidates.

Maestro Todorov has recorded over one hundred compact discs for Naxos, RENT Music, Balkanton, MMO, Danacord, IMI and Hungaroton, and has also created several music productions for various radio and TV stations. In addition, he is the Music Director of the much-lauded Thracia Summer International Music Festival, and since 2001 has been a regular guest at the National Opera and Ballet in Sofia. In 2012, Nayden Todorov was named ‘Bulgarian Musician of the Year’.

The 39-year-old Nayden Todorov has also been a Principal Guest Conductor of the Sofia Philharmonic since the 2003-2004 season. Having gathered enviable experience behind the conductor’s stand for his age, he works eagerly with inspiration and joy over every work that captures his attention.

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