The string quartet of the Arena of Verona springs up from the idea conveying into chamber language the authentic magic of the Arena, the millenary temple where music has enchanted and moved the audience from all over the world for centuries.  The original and deep musical message proposed by the Arena String Quartet expresses the passions, dramas, possible or impossible love stories which are inborn in melodrama; succeeding in this way to transmit the emotions of the atmosphere of Arena the most beautiful theatre in the world.  Gunther Sanin, Vincenzo Quaranta, Sara Airoldi and Luca Pozza, trained and specialized in some of the most prestigious international academies, have enlivened the artistic essence of the Orchestra of the Arena of Verona for years.  At this turns into a deep and careful knowledge of melodrama that is developed and worked out in music chamber key, thus giving origin to a new musical formula which is both refined, elegant and lively and innovatory. From lyrical music essence new perfumes and atmospheres  spring cut, which are like small art gems respectful of the text and the author’s original idea, idea that in this way is cherished by refined and gentle sonorities.  Besides all this the Arena of Verona string Quartet interprets the best know repertories of the most important classic, romantic and contemporary authors most enthusiastically.  Has performed numerous reworkings of arias from opera and all the work for string quartet by Verdi and Puccini, as well as facing a wide repertoire with piano and clarinet playing as authors R.Schumann, E.Bloch, A. Schnittke , F. Chopin, Mozart, J. Brahms.  In the course of his artistic activity the "QAV" has collaborated with important voices of the international opera scene such Giovanna Casolla, Hui He, Fiorenza Cedolins, Maria Jose Siri, Dimitra Theodossiou, Amarilli Nizza, Elena Gabouri, Serena Gamberoni Massimo Cavalletti, Francesco Meli, Carlo Ventre and many other.