Future events

Past events

May 2018
The pulse of Europe

Arena di Verona quartet, Conductor: Vladimir Kiradjiev, Camerata Orphica NBU, Michael Publig (piano), Rafael Jenner (percussion)

June 2017
Orpheus and Paganini

Conductor and Solo Flute: Jean Ferrandis; Arena di Verona Quartet, Nicole Brandolino (mezzo sopran), Vera Gerginova, Svetlana Ivanova (sopran)




We have been in need of something new, something different yet valuable ! An alternative to the standard classical music concerts! Here in Europe and Worldwide! Something new for those who are craveing for deep and exciting music, and those with open ears to high quality classical music, jazz, rock and modern arts. For all those who see the art in themselves and are ready to discover new approach to the artistic spirits away for the cliches. Founded only at the beginning of 2016 Germi Art & Entertainment very quickly established itself among the leading promoters and producers in the classical and jazz concert fields.

Why GermiArt

We love making people happy – both the artists we work with and our highly respected audience!

We love what we do as it brings us pleasure and satisfaction so our goal is to make our partners and audience to feel the same way! This is why we make no compromises and follow the highest quality standards when it comes to music and visual presentation of our live shows.
We are dependable and devoted partner who could help you to realise any of your exciting projects and ideas. A partner with whom you could discover new horizons for your artistic career.